Letters of Rec

If you would like a Letter of Recommendation from Greg, please note:

1. A letter of recommendation from me will only be helpful if I know you in some significant way — a lab course with me, an internship sponsorship or senior thesis, working in the lab, etc. If you were a quiet student in the back of a lecture class, I can’t provide much more than a contextualized letter of your class grade, and that kind of letter is generally not in your interest.

2. I require a minimum of two weeks prior notice, with all necessary information in hand, to be willing to write a letter.  Please note that it will take more than an hour of my time to write a letter for you the first time, and a significant amount of time for each letter after that.  In either case, it is a significant amount of time that needs to be scheduled in advance.

3. When you ask for a letter (during office hours, in person, is best for the first time you ask for a letter), I will need an email that includes all the following:

  • Your full name
  • A reminder of how I know you (e.g., ENVS 163 in S15, FERP internship in F16)
  • Specifically what the letter is for (e.g., job application, fellowship application, law school)
  • Detailed information about where and how to send the letter (by email, I will receive a link, hardcopy), the address and any contact information to send it to, and the due date.
  • A full description of the position, fellowship, etc. – preferably the original announcement.
  • Your personal statement / application — a draft version is OK.
  • Your CV / resume
  • Anything in particular that you think I should comment on in the letter, based on how we have worked together in the past

4. If you do not receive confirmation from me that I have agreed to write the letter within a couple days, follow up!

5. If you have not received an email from me saying that I submitted the recommendation, send me a reminder email 3-4 days before the due date.