Greg GilbertGregory S. Gilbert, Ph.D.

Professor and Chair of Environmental Studies, UC Santa Cruz
Director UCSC Forest Ecology Research Plot
Research Associate Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

Applied evolutionary ecology
Plant-fungus interactions
Inquiry-based science education

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Current Graduate Students and Postdocs

Shannon LynchShannon Lynch

Ph.D. candidate, Environmental Studies
Predicting the spread and impacts of invasive shothole borer- Fusarium complexes

Jon Detka
Ph.D. student, Environmental Studies
My research is focused on understanding native and introduced fungal pathogen epidemiology and managing wildland plant disease in California's diverse shrublands. I am also interested in assisting restorationists and wildland managers with the management of plant diseases in wild-shrubland plant improvement and revegetation practices.

Taryn FarberTaryn Farber

Ph.D. student, Environmental Studies
My  interests are at the intersection of urban ecology, plant disease ecology, and urban political ecology. Across a gradient of urbanization, I investigate the extent to which the diversity and richness of the mycobiome may inhibit or facilitate disease (esp. fungal) of trees, and the implications of these relationships for marginalized urban-dwelling groups. 

Erica Mullins

Ph.D. student, Environmental Studies
(co-advised with Ingrid M. Parker)
Fungal networks in plant communities

Zack Shearin

Ph.D. student, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
(co-advised with Ingrid M. Parker)
Phylogenetic spillover of pathogens in plant communities

Asa ConoverAsa Conover

Plant Microbiome Molecular Technician (for Gilbert and Parker labs)
Performing metabarcode sequencing of fungal symbionts to investigate link between plant phylogeny and pathogen distribution

Gilbert lab alumni

Juniper HarrowerJuniper Harrower

Ph.D. 2019 Environmental Studies

Species interactions and climate change in the loss of Joshua trees and the role of eco-art for understanding multispecies connections. 

Sharifa CrandallSharifa Crandall

Ph.D. 2016 Environmental Studies
Fungal ecology and ecosystem-based management of special forest products

Plant Pathology Postdoctoral Researcher - UC Davis / USDA-ARS.
Assistant Professor of Plant Pathology - Penn State University (beginning 2020).

Heather BriggsHeather Briggs

Ph.D. 2016 Environmental Studies
co-advised by Berry Brosi (Emery University)
Competitive context drives pollinator behavior: Linking foraging plasticity, natural pollen deposition, and plant reproduction.
Postdoctoral researcher, UC Irvine

Jennie OhayonJennie Liss Ohayon
Ph.D. 2015 Environmental Studies

New battlegrounds over science, risk, and environmental justice: factors influencing the cleanup of military Superfund sites 

Postdoctoral Researcher, Silent Spring Institute and Northeastern University

Sarah CarvillSarah Carvill

Ph.D. 2015 Environmental Studies
(Honorary Gilbert lab member, Daniel Press lab)
Old Saws and New Laws: Regulatory Failure and Ownership Transformation in the North Coast Redwood Timber Industry
Coastal Planner, California Coastal Commission

Minxia LiangMinxia Liang

Postdoctoral researcher 2015
Department of Ecology, Sun Yat-sen University
Guangzhou, China

Justin CummingsJustin Cummings

Ph.D. 2013 Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
co-advised by Ingrid M. Parker
The potential for tropical legume and non-legume trees to suppress the invasive C4 grass Saccharum spontaneum in Panama
Program Director, Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program, UC Santa Crua

Megan SaundersMegan Saunders

Postdoctoral Fellow 2010-13

Jorge TorresJorge Torres Ortega

M.A. 2012 Environmental Studies


Daniella SchweizerDaniella Schweizer

Ph.D. 2012 Environmental Studies
co-advised by Karen Holl
Community interactions in tropical forest restoration and environmental governance in the Panama canal watershed
Postdoctoral Fellow, LASTROP, Brazil

Barbara AyalaBárbara Ayala Orozco

Ph.D. 2008 Environmental Studies
Maintaining the drivers of tropical plant diversity: plant disease in conservation practice
Assistant professor, Institute for Ecosystem and Sustainability Research (IIES), National University of Mexico (UNAM)


Suzanne LangridgeSuzanne Langridge

Ph.D. 2008 Environmental Studies
co-advised by Daniel Doak
Contested landscapes: using scientific information and collaborative processes to support ecological restoration
Director of the Paulson Ecology of Place Initiative, Wellesley College

Martha Bonilla MohenoMartha Bonilla Moheno

Ph.D. 2008 Environmental Studies
Honorary Gilbert lab member - (Karen Holl lab)
Forest recovery and management options in the Yucatan peninsula, Mexico
Investigador Titular "A", Red de Ambiente y Sustentabilidad, INECOL, Mexico

Yuri SpringerYuri Springer
Ph.D. 2006 Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
co-advised by Mark Carr
Epidemiology, resistance structure, and the effects of soil calcium on a serpentine plant-pathogen interaction
Epidemic Intelligence Service Officer, U.S. Centers for Disease Control, Anchorage, AK
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Doug PlanteDoug Plante

M.A. 2005 Environmental Studies

Matteo GarbelottoMatteo Garbelotto

Post-doctoral researcher 1997-99
Evolutionary ecology of mangrove fungi

Extension Forest Pathologist, UC Berkeley

Enith RojasEnith Rojas

Masters of Engineering, 2000 Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá
Diversity of mangrove fungi
Researcher, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

Ariadna BethancourtAriadna Bethancourt

M.S. 2000 Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá
Diversidad de hongos endófitos
Assistant Professor, Universidad de Panamá

Lisa InfanteLisa Infante

M.S. 1999. ESPM, UC Berkeley
Plant diseases in the structure of tropical seedling communities